Media coverage of our digital exercise book for couch potatoes. How to Watch TV and Get Fit


People are talking. Word is spreading as more people get to experience the great benefits of How to Watch TV and Get Fit. We’re getting some fantastic comments and great press. Here’s a sampling...

The Duchesse des Perles chronicles her progress from the 3 minute exercise program

The Duchesse from Passage des Perles blog has been chronicling her experience as she moves through the exercise program from our book "How to Watch TV and Get Fit, 3 Minutes at a Time." Well, the progress report is in. In this latest post on her blog she details her results of the past 6 weeks. I have to admit, we were not surprised by what she had to say.

The Duchesse reminds us that there is no age limit to being fit. If you are over fifty years old and feel like it is too late for you. The aches and pains will always be there. You are wrong. It is not too late to exercise and get into shape. 

That's our whole raison d'être, so thanks to Marijke Vroomen Durning, health writer and nurse, for pointing that out in her medical blog In a post on the benefits of short bursts of activity, this terrific nurse/health writer mentioned our book as worth checking out if you're someone ready to squeeze a little exercise into your life

Duchesse, writer of this influential blog, didn’t just mention us. She’s already bought, downloaded the book, and is well into the program. If you want to follow her progress in the coming weeks, you can check in with her at blog Passage des Perles.

How to Watch TV and Get Fit gives me bite-sized resources to fight this, uh, spreading problem. Improved heart health, lower risk of diabetes, more toned body, better bone density, renewed energy: why not, given it's only a few minutes at a time?